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239 SW 41st Street
Renton, WA

(206) 728-8181

Trio Group is a full-service marketing communications agency that assists its clients in successfully bringing their unique voices to the marketplace. 

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing In Action

Trio NAE production facilities have embarked on a continual process improvement program called Lean Enterprise, often referred to as Lean Manufacturing.  This program was initiated in April, 2006.  Since then, we have realized significant cost savings and improved production flow and production quality which continue to pay significant dividends as an ongoing program.  

Essentially, Lean systems give people at all levels of the organization the skills and shared way of thinking to systematically drive out waste and improve productivity through designing and improving activities, connections, and workflows.  Simply put, Lean’s purpose is to create a culture of never-ending continuous improvement at all organizational levels.  This program is very similar to a Six Sigma or SAS 70 program which focuses on the people, processes, and productivity and ways to improve these processes.

This dynamic program was initiated by reviewing the written procedures manual as a first step and then moved to a full-scale process review of all operations.  All processes are reviewed, analyzed, revised, and added as necessary.  Our internal auditing processes are significantly revamped and we have established a scheduled external review process.  The goal is to implement a quality system process that seeks higher individual employee accountability coupled with an improved rewards system to reflect Lean efforts and sense of ownership.  Ultimately, we continue to become a significantly more efficient, accurate, and client-focused organization.