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Trio Group is a full-service marketing communications agency that assists its clients in successfully bringing their unique voices to the marketplace. 


Greater Metro Parks Foundation

With strategic and creative guidance from Trio Group, the Greater Metro Parks Foundation transitioned from a volunteer organization to a successful nonprofit capable of raising significant capital for local parks.


Greater Metro Parks Foundation (GMPF) is a nonprofit organization that builds community support to enhance parks and recreation programs and capital projects for Tacoma neighborhoods.

A partner organization to Metro Parks Tacoma since 1991, the Greater Metro Parks Foundation nurtures community engagement, volunteerism, and philanthropy. 

GMPF's new identity reflects the green of its parks and its mission of supporting healthy spaces to play, learn, and grow.

GMPF's new identity reflects the green of its parks and its mission of supporting healthy spaces to play, learn, and grow.



When Trio principal Jeff Quint brought our team’s expertise to support GMPF, the organization was primarily focused on developing volunteer manpower for Metro Parks Tacoma. While this had been sufficient in the past, GMPF set its sights on becoming an organization capable of significant capital fundraising and community engagement. 



Jeff and the Trio team worked extensively and intimately with GMPF staff and board of directors to outline a strategy that would develop the nonprofit as a successful fundraising organization, with special focus on advocacy as an integral part of that process. We saw an opportunity for GMPF to tell the story of how greater parks create greater communities.

The process began with a new identity for the organization- a fresh logo and color palette was selected through an intensive brand discovery process with the board of directors at the helm. The result is an optimistic green emblem that communicates growth and development while nodding to the familiar wave of Metro Parks Tacoma’s own brand.

The rebranding included an overhaul of outbound communications, design materials, and even sub-branded fundraising events in anticipation of GMPF’s first large-scale capital campaign to renovate Wright and McCarver parks, the Zina Linnik Project.

Evaluating the success of the rebranding, marketing strategy, and fundraising efforts was based on a wide range of factors including:

  • Capital funds raised for the Zina Linnik Project
  • Event registration and attendance
  • Annual and recurring donations


Brand identity, style guide, and design assets
Marketing and outreach communications
Nonprofit advocacy and development consulting
Print materials using recycled paper



Despite the poor economic conditions at the time, GMPF fully funded the $3.3M Zina Linnik Project between 2007-2010. Additionally, GMPF created a new model for community involvement “from the ground up,” which involved educators, community stakeholders, park district leadership, and the people who benefited most from the project- the kids themselves. 


Additional Work

We consider our ongoing support of GMPF and its efforts to "support healthy spaces to play, learn, and grow" one of our most valued and rewarding experiences. To date, we've completed many additional projects for GMPF including:

  • Complete website redesign and content strategy
  • Branding and marketing collateral for GMPF's annual Because Parks Matter Luncheon
  • Video production
  • Annual report design and publishing
  • Outreach materials for the Eastside Community Center fundraising project