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239 SW 41st Street
Renton, WA

(206) 728-8181

Trio Group is a full-service marketing communications agency that assists its clients in successfully bringing their unique voices to the marketplace. 

Total Business Waste Reduction

Total Business Waste Reduction

Our business practices have focused on reducing the amount of waste we produce for years. Let our experience transform the way your business operates. Here’s how we do it:

  • Identify Waste Sources: Through an investigative audit, we’ll analyze every facet of your business and identify sources of waste- both tangible and intangible. Common sources of waste include paper use, duplication of information and travel or idle activity.
  • Create an Action Plan: We’ll identify steps to eliminate or reduce waste and ensure it integrates seamlessly with your business model.
  • Facilitate Transition: Our team will facilitate a smooth transition to minimize business disruption and ensure your organization stays on track with its goals.

Tools and Techniques:

  • Electronic Delivery Systems
  • Online Document Management
  • Renewable or Recycled Products
  • Vertical Integration